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Diseases in dogs may occur because of trauma, infection, immune system abnormalities, genetic factors, or degenerative conditions.Common health problems and questions occur in relation to the Bones, Joints, Muscles, Nerves, Ears, Eyes, Teeth and the Mouth.Working dogs, like the Bandog, are medium to giant size and are strong, often independent, domineering and difficult to manage.This, together with the immense sizes of many of the breeds, make many of the working dogs unsuitable as a normal family pet or first time dog owners.The size of puppies are naturally considerably smaller and the full grown size of the animal can easily be forgotten when confronted with cute puppies!The slogan " A dog isn't just for Christmas - it's for life!

The literal meaning of the Bandog is taken from Band dog giving Bound dog which refers to large and fierce dog, such as mastiffs, which were kept chained or tied up until they were released for guard dog duties or in some cases for fighting and bull and bear baiting.The working dogs are generally large, intelligent, and protective of their masters.Working dogs have always been viewed as real assets to their owners and have worked with man replacing larger animals such as horses when none such animals were available.Training need not be difficult as Working dog breeds are generally quick to learn and intelligent.Some of the working dog breeds are easier to handle such as the Newfoundland dog, the Portuguese Water Dog, the Samoyed and the Saint Bernard.

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All owners of dogs and puppies are concerned about the health care of their pets and just as with humans dog health issues arise from time to time.

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